We are a group of independent Afghans with an intense love for our country. We are not part of the Afghan government, nor do we work for them.  This site is also not some sort of public relations or propaganda project being run by the Americans or NATO.

Our Mission

There is plenty of bad news being reported on Afghanistan – the seemingly never ending war, drug trade, corruption, human rights abuses, etc. However, there are good things happening in the country, and this news is rarely being reported. Even if it is, it’s buried underneath all the bad things that are happening.  As a result of this, people rarely pay any attention to it.  Our goal here at goodafghannews.com is to focus only on the good news, because the world needs to know that good things are indeed happening in Afghanistan.

Ever since the Taliban were removed from power and a new government was established, a lot of good things have happened.  In fact, good things continue to happen.  Now, we stress again that things are far from being perfect and that a lot of work still needs to be done, but for example, in the area of women’s rights, women do enjoy much greater freedoms. They are no longer required by law to cover themselves from head to toe in a burqa and sit at home. They are allowed to work, and even have the opportunity to run for office and play a role in the government. The Afghan parliament actually has many female members.  Also, the school system is being continuously improved, with more schools being built and more people getting access to an education.  In fact, more girls are attending school today than ever before in the history of Afghanistan. In other areas such as Health and the Environment, major advances have been made as well.  Afghanistan has an actual working Health Ministry, and more children have access to medicines, and various vaccines to fight off diseases such as polio.  Afghanistan’s Environmental Protection Agency has already implemented various environmental regulations to ensure land, water, and air pollution issues are being addressed.  An endangered species list was put together, and such beautiful places such as the Band-e-Amir have been converted to National Parks so that they can be further protected.

If one were to sit back, and look at all these things, it’s easy to see that a lot has been done. Our job at goodafghanews.com is to continue to report on these great events as they occur. You can help us by visiting this site regularly, and even if possible, contribute news to us that you don’t see being reported.  We welcome and appreciate support from anyone (Afghan or non-Afghan) that cares about Afghanistan.

Editor-in-Chief: Abdullah Qazi


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  1. HHumayoon - February 4, 2010

    great initiative. best of luck with it.

  2. Sabrina - February 4, 2010

    Nice site, and you know what? I did feel happy after reading the news today. 🙂

  3. nasrullah - February 5, 2010

    very good work, i congratulate you and looking forward to read more. like the above reader said, i myself felt very good indeed after yr news.

  4. Mina - February 5, 2010

    Love your site!

  5. Ali Khairzada - February 8, 2010

    Kudos! Absolutely terrific idea and a great site; we certainly can use some positive, constructive, and upbeat news about our beloved Afghanistan.

  6. shobair sayeed - February 10, 2010

    Well done!Be positive Afghans, we are fed up with bad news and negative mind after all we have some good news which can bring smill to our faces.After clicking on ur good news now I know that we have won 8 gold medal in dakha we have won cricket matches and the goood news keep coming.many thanks for your news and good luck.

  7. Om Parkash - February 20, 2010

    Fantastic aproach.
    It up to our mindset to see the Glass half full or half empty. Feb-20-2010

  8. Saboor - February 22, 2010

    Well done to you guys.
    sometimes you just lose hope when you visit some sites,
    like KABUL PRESS racists towards their own race.
    But here is a site that they are doing what they can do to bring the people together,give them hope about their future.
    And I will say to the other Sick people with their sick sites GET WELL SOON.

  9. Cedric Emery MD - February 28, 2010

    Just came across your web site. It’s great!
    Thanks, Cedric Emery
    If any of you knew Hassan Manawi MD you would have known a great man. He passed away in December in Kabul. I had the privelege of knowing him for nine years.
    He gave everything possible to his country. I and my wife will miss him deeply.
    The good news is that Afghanistan has tens of thousands of men and women with this greatness of character.

  10. Zuhra - March 1, 2010

    We’ve really needed a site like this one!

  11. Dr. Mian Bilal Alam - March 1, 2010


    It was a delight to visit this website. I am pathan from the same region (across border in Pakistan) who is working here in the US. Every day we hear about stories from the region that make us depressed. This website will hopefully enlighten our days with good news

    Good Luck

  12. Ricky Schoonover - March 1, 2010

    I ran across the link to your site while surfing the news on yahoo.com. I think this is great. I agree with your mission and the fact we get more than enough bad news around the world and although it’s important to know the security concerns. It’s great to see that there is progress being made for the Afgan people and it gives everyone a sense that hopefully in the end we will have a more peaceful world with more human rights to everyday citizens. I’m born and raised in San Diego California and look forward to hearing more news from your site. I will also pass it along to everyone I know and urge them to do the same.

  13. Mohammed Noory - March 1, 2010

    good job all,
    If you need a volunteer, let me know.

  14. Srikanth Pidugu - March 2, 2010

    I came to know about this site from an Indian News paper.
    I feel its a very good attempt on your part to spread positive news across! I have already bookmarked this site and I am sure i would be coming again and again… On behalf of all Indians, I hope all the very best to your nation! Let the good news keep rolling.. 🙂

  15. Erin - March 4, 2010

    I ran across your site while reading something off of studentnewsdaily.com about it. I am born and raised in CAlifornia and am a junior in high school. It is very appreciated to hear good news from Afghanistan considering the over reporting of bad Afghan news. Thanks and good luck! 😀

  16. Dr Rashid - March 9, 2010

    I came to know about this site from Telegraph UK paper.
    I think its a fantastic attempt on your part to spread positive news across!

    I have already told many other friends about this site and I am sure I would be coming again and again… On behalf of all Afghans in London, I hope all the very best to you and to our country!

    Let the good news keep rolling and flourishing.

    Dr Rashid from London

  17. Military Pro - March 9, 2010

    Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook and Twitter so we can push out the good news that way as well.

  18. Mary Weyant - March 10, 2010

    Our middle school group, Go Global, is attempting to educate our students about Afghanistan, as well as celebrate the many wonderful things about the country. I did not realize how much I would enjoy reading the articles on Good Afghan News until I came across it. The more we study Afghanistan with our students, the more we realize how much more we need to know. I hope you do not mind if I place a link to Good Afghan News on our Go Global school website. Thank you so much for the wonderful and necessary service that you are providing.

  19. Jack Markussen - March 14, 2010

    Hi folks!
    What a great idea! I have been working at the National theatre in Kabul for three months last year, making a performance with puppets for children.Such a great time working with afghan actors, hardworking and dedicated to their profession! I am looking forward to see a report from the theatre on your website!
    All the best.

  20. Laddawan Na Ranong - March 14, 2010

    Congratulation! It’s great to have a website like this.
    Please keep doing a noble job.

    May God bless you and Afghan people.

    Be Veg! Go Green!
    Save The Planet!

  21. Qand Agha - March 20, 2010

    Salaam Salaam, wala yaki az zadani tarin sita ast.
    ma magum khubesh.

    Wish you all the Best .
    Keep it up. 🙂

  22. Jay Rahm - March 24, 2010

    Dear Sirs.

    It is a pleasre to know about you all nice people who are trying to do a better changes on field of news and media. now people of Beutiful Afghanistan really need to hear some good news from all but unfortunatly as you all mentioned evryone are trying to publish the bad news about Afghanistan which gives a bad face fro afghanistan. i really aperatiate you all. All The Best

    Thanks You Verymuch

    Best Regards,

  23. Mirwaise Khan - April 3, 2010

    Salamoona Such a wonderful website.I don`t have a words how to thanks you dear,having been happy for long time but reading somthing good about AFGHANISTAN made me happier and thanks for your such a wonderful website.Inshallah i willl help you and spread your website to my friends aswell.

  24. Ahmad Safi - April 8, 2010

    It was such a pleasure to visit this site.
    I read an article on GAN on Taand.com, then I visited it. I found really optimistic. All what we rarely find to read are actually being reported here.

    One of the rarest sources of positive things happening in our country.

    I would also like to suggest one thing that is about name of the website. In my point of view the name “Good Afghan News” doesn’t seem suitable. Actually the name does not please the eyes when read or please the ears when heard. I would recommend amdending the name to only Afghan News.

  25. Gavin - May 3, 2010

    I spent 7 years in afghanistan, and when I went home and told people that not everything was bad, they hardly believed me. I have been sending the web address to everyone I know, to show how things are without the media spin.

    Good luck to you.

  26. Noorjahan Akbar - May 12, 2010

    Dear Good Afghan News,
    I think you should have a Facebook fan page to get these amazing news link all across to all Afghans. Lots of Afghans use Facebook. Great work.
    Noorjahan Akbar

  27. Ziba Pirnia - May 17, 2010

    Dear Good Afghan News: I had tears of joy and also a big smile just reading the wonderful stories of progress that you are sharing with the world! I agree with Noorjahan Akbar, you should look into having a facebook fan page it possible.

    Ziba Pirnia

  28. Alison - June 29, 2010

    I agree, please make a Facebook page (note: page, not group, so that you can reach more than 5,000 people) so that we can share this with more people!

    Thank you for doing this.

  29. Alison - June 29, 2010

    Please also put a ‘share this’ function on every post so we can send the link to social media sites. Thanks!

  30. Jonathan - June 29, 2010

    Thank you ~ I will share this with friends. How wonderful it would be if there were similar sites like it, such as goodnorthkoreannews.com; goodhaitinews.com; goodiraqnews.com; and, above all, goodusanews.com
    I say, go international!

  31. Simon - July 19, 2010

    People need to know what is at stake in Afghanistan. With the notable exception of the BBC, all the media is focusing on the bad things; the casualties, and the money being “wasted”.

    The tone of reporting is becoming increasingly negative, portraying the situation as a hopeless case. In the blogosphere, particularly on sites like The Huffington Post, there are growing calls from the left and the right to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban. This would be a disaster.

    I hope this site receives more exposure so that people can understand that progress is being made in many parts of the country. It might help change some minds.

  32. rock - August 8, 2010

    This website was decidedly fantastic! Lots of good information and creativity, both of which we all need!

  33. Ahmad - August 9, 2010

    reading the front page of your website made my Day !I wish you best of Luck !!!!

  34. Anne - August 15, 2010

    Very nice website! Please consider starting a facebook page and posting links to these articles. We love to hear good news from Afghanistan!

  35. a girl from Northern Europe - August 25, 2010

    Great initiative and a very good work! It’s nice to hear some good news from Afghanistan, when the media only tell bad news…

  36. Atal - September 4, 2010

    Thanks very much for disseminating of the real fact, in favor of our traumatized country, we appreciate the tireless effort of this website.

    Note: Could let us know, how we would be able to share news related to Afghanistan? We would be grateful if could let us know email contact. Thanks and best wishes,


  37. davenycity - September 15, 2010

    great blog thank you

  38. Lauryn - September 30, 2010

    A much, much needed resource! I hope the website is permanent and will continue to be updated. Hope too that once in a while mainstream media will pick up some of these stories.

    This exhibit project has a similar objective, in profiling some Unsung Heroes of Afghanistan, celebrating their courage and their contributions to rebuilding Afghanistan, trying to get their stories out:

  39. Mariam - October 7, 2010

    Can we post things here? I am also a stalker of good news about Afghanistan and usually come across really good stuff that is positive. Is there a way to post them on your site?

    I love your idea and its a great and a needed initiative. Keep up the good work.

  40. Speedy DNS - October 19, 2010

    Whats up ! Love your blog thanks for sharing it with us.. Greetings from the Speedy DNS.

  41. Andrej Gilan - October 27, 2010

    The best Afghan site, I ever saw!!!

  42. RJalali - October 29, 2010

    Great Initiative! It is really meant to make everyone happy to know about the good news in Afghanistan. Keep up the great work and all the very best!!!

  43. Ehsan Wardak - November 16, 2010

    then best web page i liked it i got very happy when i received your link by friend in facebook ..i am proud of suck kind of AFghan…take good web page..

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