Nasrat Haqparast gets second win in the UFC; defeats Thibault Gouti via Unanimous Decision

Abdullah Qazi
AOPNEWS | October 27, 2018

Afghan MMA fighter Nasrat Haqparast picked up his second UFC win tonight by defeating France’s Thibault Gouti via unanimous decision. Haqparast went into the fight as a favorite to win; the Las Vegas odds were -950 for Haqparast and +575 for Gouti.

In round 1, Haqparast’s speed allowed him to get in and out of range without any issues. A big left from Haqparast at 1:45 sent Gouti backwards to the floor, but he was able to immediately crawl back to his feet.  At the end of the round, Gouti was left bleeding and visibly winded.  The round clearly went to Haqparast. Click here to read more


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First Flight For Hajj Leaves From Kabul


Tolo News

Afghan Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs Faiz Mohammad Osmani said on Saturday that this year about 30,000 Afghans will attend Hajj and of those 500, who are family members of martyrs, will be sponsored by government.

The first flight left Hamid Karzai International Airport for Medina in Saudi Arabia on Saturday morning carrying 345 pilgrims.

Osmani said a private charter airline company would fly the pilgrims to Hajj this year and that about 88 flights over 25 days have been scheduled. (Click here to read more, external link)

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25 Students of Maimanagi Training Center Receive Certificates

Students Earn Cultural Certificates


via Bakhtar News
Saturday, June 30, 2018

In a ceremony held on Wednesday, 25 students of Maimanagi Gallery received certificates, a Kabul Times correspondent reported.
At the outset, deputy minister of information and culture on cultural and art affairs said, “I am happy that Maimanagi Gallery has gifted 10 tableaus to the Nouristan information and culture directorate.  This means two things, one we have not forgotten that province, second was should not exhibit art in the center but also the people in remote areas of Afghanistan should enjoy.”
During the ceremony, Mohammad Hashim Shareq head of Maimanagi Gallery said, ‘Afghanistan with having cultural specifications enjoys different dimensions.  The talented people of this country have always made effort to build their country with cultural and art activities.’ (To read more click here, external link).



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Meet Afghanistan’s First Female Paraglider

Afghanistan’s First Woman Paraglider



VOA News | June 29, 2018: Since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, women in Afghanistan have broken many taboos in the ultra-conservative, male dominated society. Sport is just one of the fields in which women are now actively participating. VOA’s Hedayatullah Noori recently spoke with the country’s first female paraglider [Lida Hozori] and her fellow teammates. Bezhan Hamdard narrates

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Bamyian Hosts Famous Music Festival

Afghan Music Festival

Bamyian Music Festival 2018

Bamiyan Music Festival 2018

Tolo News:
June 30, 2018

Thousands of music fans cheered their favorite musicians and singers at a music festival in Bamiyan province on Friday. The festival will continue for two days. Organizers of the event said the festival is aimed at strengthening tourism and supporting Afghanistan’s ancient culture. Click here to read more (external link).

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UAE Approves To Host Afghanistan Cricket League

Afghan Cricket News

Afghan Cricket Team

Afghan Cricket Team

Tolo News
June 28, 2018

The Emirates Cricket Board in a letter sent to the International Cricket Council has approved to hold Afghanistan Premier League of Cricket in United Arab Emirates.

The Emirates Cricket Board has said that the event will start in October in UAE after approval of the ICC, the Afghanistan Cricket Board said in a statement on Wednesday.

Five teams, 80 Afghan and 20 foreign cricketers will compete in the T20 Premier League in United Arab Emirates. (Click here to read more, External Link).


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Kabul Cyclists Race To Say No To Drugs


Kabul Cyclists Race To Say No To Drugs

BicycleTolo News

At least 50 cyclists attended a 70-kilometer cycling race from Kabul to Parwan province in an attempt to support Afghanistan’s counter-narcotics efforts.

Massoud Amiri from Kabul got the first position in the competition. Mohammad Hanif and Ahmad Mirzaee got the second and third positions respectively.

“This is the national consensus week. We held this race to encourage the youth to say no to drugs and move towards sports,” said Husain Hamidi, head of Cycling Federation. (Click here to read more, external link.)

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Afghan Cyclists To Carry Message Of Peace In Overland Tour

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IEC Kicks Off Voter Registration Process in Villages

IEC_logoTolo News:  The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) on Sunday announced that it has started the voter registration process in villages across Afghanistan and that the campaign will continue until July 6.

The IEC stated meanwhile that 5,781,183 people have registered in the country so far to vote.

Of these, 3,789,033 are males, 1,879,374 are females, 112256 are Kuchis and 520 are Sikhs.

According to the IEC, up to now more than 1,100 people have filed nomination papers as candidates for parliamentary elections and another 690 for provincial council seats.

Based on the IEC’s statistics, the commission has 2,887 voter registration centers in villages, however election material so far has not been delivered to at least 1,000 centers in these villages.

Click here to read more (external link).

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Afghan Author Wants to Make Books Accessible to Country’s Children

VOA News | May 13, 2018: A young author in the Balkh province of Afghanistan has generated a large following among the country’s children. His name is Assadullah Ehtsham. His mission: to preserve classic Afghan poetry and nursery rhymes to encourage children to read. In the past two years, he’s already handed out more than 3,000 books. Mirwais Bizhan went to Northern Afghanistan to speak with Ehtsham about his mission.

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Afghan Female Student Runs Classroom from Ancient Cave

VOA News | April 23, 2018: Getting an education seemed impossible for some displaced children in the mountainous Afghan province of Bamyan. They and their families live in caves that dot the cliffs around the city. Due to a lack of identity documents, they cannot attend school. But, as VOA’s Zafar Bamyani discovered, a classroom has come to them. Faith Lapidus narrates his report in the video above.

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Afghan Women Claim Third Place At int’l taekwondo Event in Iran

1TV: Afghanistan’s female taekwondo athletes claimed third place at an international event in Iran. The 10th women Fajr Open Taekwondo Cup was held during 21-22 April in Karaj city in Alborz province. Click here to read more (external link).

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Afghan Cricket Team distributes Polio vaccines to children

On April 9, 2018, the Afghan National Cricket team vaccinated children with a polio vaccine in Afghanistan during this campaign. At 0:59 in the video, you can see cricket players, Mirwais Ashraf and Javed Ahmadi, administering the vaccine into a child’s mouth.

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