Nasrat Haqparast gets second win in the UFC; defeats Thibault Gouti via Unanimous Decision

Abdullah Qazi
AOPNEWS | October 27, 2018

Afghan MMA fighter Nasrat Haqparast picked up his second UFC win tonight by defeating France’s Thibault Gouti via unanimous decision. Haqparast went into the fight as a favorite to win; the Las Vegas odds were -950 for Haqparast and +575 for Gouti.

In round 1, Haqparast’s speed allowed him to get in and out of range without any issues. A big left from Haqparast at 1:45 sent Gouti backwards to the floor, but he was able to immediately crawl back to his feet.  At the end of the round, Gouti was left bleeding and visibly winded.  The round clearly went to Haqparast. Click here to read more


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