Afghanistan to get cargo ships to transport goods

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According to an Afghan media report (Quqnoos) yesterday, the Iranian government is planning on allocating two large cargo ships so that Afghan merchandise can be transported to India and various other countries. On top of that, the Iranians have also pledged 50,000 hectares of land for Afghan merchants.В 

With this help from Iran, Afghanistan will become less dependent on Pakistan when it comes to exporting goods, and this will further help to boost the Afghan economy. “The export of fresh and dry fruits and vegetables to India, the Gulf and European countries and the import of foreign merchandise through Chabahar harbour can help boost the Afghan economy,” said head of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), Muhammed Qurban Haqjo.

According to the report, “ACCI officials say Chabahar harbour is 1,000 km closer to Afghanistan than Karachi harbour, and if the Iranian government creates facilities for Afghanistan, then Afghan products will reach the international markets faster and at a lower cost”.

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