New road to make Bamyan to Kabul travel easier

Governor Habiba Sarobi

This week, Habiba Sarobi, the governor of Afghanistan’s central province of Bamyan, attended a road sealing ceremony with officials from New Zealand’s Provincial Reconstruction Team.В  An important part of the Bamyan-Kabul Road will be paved with asphalt; this will open Bamyan to Kabul in the east and allow Bamyan farmers to take their produce to market much faster, and prevent them from rotting. As a result, this will help the farmers to make more money and improve not only the economy of Bamyan, but the country as a whole will benefit.В  Bamyan is a rich agricultural area where such things as potatoes, wheat, and various fruits are grown.

July 22, 2010   Posted in: Afghanistan's Economy, Reconstruction and Development, Women's Rights