Center Promotes Female Journalism in Afghanistan

A few months ago, the first Women’s Journalism Center was opened in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat.  The center’s objective are to train female journalists and to help them find jobs in the growing media industry in Afghanistan.  The center provides support and encouragement, and a place to learn and develop one’s journalism skills.

According to an article recently published by the Afghan Women’s Writing Project online magazine, the center is in the “process of setting up a website and intends to hold practical courses for women journalists as well as establish a radio and television station for women journalists in Herat.” 

The idea for the center evolved from a journalism program established in Herat University eight years ago. While the establishment of the class took the first step towards helping women to enter the field of journalism,  it didn’t lead to jobs for the women, because the support system was not there. The center is hoping to change that.

The director of the center is Fawzia Fakhri, a newscaster for Radio Sahar, an all-women radio station.

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  1. Elahi - September 1, 2010

    this could be a new opportunity for women who interest to work in media field, there is no doubt, if we want to female participation in all aspects of life there should be opportunities for capacity buildings and empowerment of women in this country.
    i congratulate founders of this Center.


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