Health center to be built in Herat; Farah hospital to get stable source of power

Dr. Suraya Dalil

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health has announced that a new health center will be built in the Injil district of Afghanistan’s western province of Herat. A groundbreaking ceremony for the center was held last Sunday. The structure will be built by the the Italian Provincial Reconstruction Team.В  Dr. Suraya Dalil, Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Public Health said that the health center is being built to meet the health needs of the numerous communities in the district.В  It’s scheduled to be opened in early 2011.

Elsewhere, in neighboring Farah province, an electrical project is being implemented in Farah City Hospital.В  In the past, the hospital’s source of power was from an unreliable and small generator that would cause wires to short out and the hospital would lose power.В  This caused various issues such as the spoilage of blood stored in the blood bank, and patient infections because of the lack of adequate climate control. The inconsistent power source also damaged equipment. After the project is fully completed, Afghan health professionals will have an ideal environment to treat their patients. On average, the hospital treats more than 300 patients in a 24 hour period – many come in during the emergency hours, and so having a consistent and reliable source of power is a must.

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