Development projects completed in Samangan, projects started in Zabul, and 116 Afghans graduate in Kunar with skills needed to help develop their country

15 development projects were recently completed in the Aibak district of Afghanistan’s northern province of Samangan, according to a NATO news release today. The release stated that “the projects included the construction of two water tanks, the digging of four wells, gravelling of more than 125 miles of rural roads, brick-lining more than 1,900 meters of drainage lanes, an embroidery training course for women, the construction of 14 small bridges and a 340-meter retaining wall. More than 3,000 families are expected to benefit from the projects”.

Yesterday, Pajhwok Afghan News reported that work on the construction of three roads in Qalat city had started. Qalat is the capital city of Afghanistan’s Zabul province. The PAN report stated that the 2 kilometers of road will be built in three months at a cost of $470,000. Also in the province, 47 small bridges will be constructed as well as roadside drains.

Recently, 116 Afghans graduated from the Kunar Construction Center, according to a NATO news release today. The center provides training in masonry, painting, plumbing, carpentry and electrical work for Afghans living in Kunar, Nuristan, Laghman and Nangarhar provinces. The governor of the province, Fazlullah Wahidi, was present at the ceremony and praised the men for completing the training. Another class of 100 students is scheduled to begin in November.

As the infrastructure of these provinces develop and projects are implemented to modernize the towns and cities, the demand for qualified Afghan individuals to help in the reconstruction and development process has been growing. If there aren’t enough Afghans available, then foreigners will have to do the jobs that Afghans should be doing in their own country. Skills that are being taught in this center will help keep Afghan men employed, and it will be less likely that they will be tempted to join harmful groups.

The Kunar Construction Center has added two new mail halls, two dormitory areas, six washrooms and administrative offices and is considering adding auto mechanics to its lists of trades taught. The school is located in the Shigal wa Sheltan district in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Kunar.

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