Agreement signed to get more Afghans access to clean water and sanitation

Jarullah Mansoori, Afghanistan's Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

Yesterday, the Afghan government signed an agreement with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in which $52 million will be spent on getting Afghans in poor communities throughout the country access to clean water and sanitation. The agreement, Memorandum of Understanding on the Crucial Clean Water Pact, was signed by U.S. Embassy Deputy Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne, USAID Deputy Mission Director Robert Hellyer and Afghanistan’s Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister Jarullah Mansoori.

The agreement calls for a three year long project where 4,000 water points will be developed and about 50,000 latrines will either be built or repaired and improved. The agreement also calls for some 50 water pipe schemes to be built.

The project will not only increase clean water supplies for many Afghans, but it will also promote good hygiene, which will help to further the fight against water-related diseases. The project will also help to provide awareness for the need for water conservation in Afghanistan.

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