2 new school buildings inaugurated and 2 new school buildings to be built in northern Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education announced yesterday and today that 2 new school buildings have been opened, and two new school buildings will be built in northern Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan’s northwestern province of Badghis, a new building for a girl’s elementary school in Qadis district has been opened. The new building took 1 year to build at a cost of $48,000.  It has 6 classrooms and 2 administrative rooms. Meanwhile in Afghanistan’s northern province of Balkh, a new building for a girl’s high school in the Nahri Shahi district has been opened.  It was built in one year at  cost of $390,000.  It has 24 classrooms and 8 administrative rooms.

Also, in the province of Balkh, the education ministry said that a new building for the Fatima Alzahra Middle School in Mazar-e Shariff will be built. The new school building will take 1 year to build at a cost of $290,000. Once completed, it will have 16 classroom and 8 administrative rooms.

Finally, in the northern province of Kunduz, a school building for the Khaja Pastah Middle School in Khanabad district will be built. The building will take 6 months to build at cost of $228, 000.  Once completed, it will have 8 classrooms and 4 administrative rooms.

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  1. J. Shriner - April 15, 2011

    Good news is so welcome. Thank you all very much.

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