Construction starts on new school building in Herat, and a new school building is inaugurated in Kunar

Herat's governor, Daoud Saba

Afghanistan’ Ministry of Education announced this week that construction has begun on a new school building for the Ustad Fakiri Suljuki High School in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat. A foundation stone laying ceremony was held recently in which Herat’s provincial governor, Daoud Saba, community leaders, teachers and students were in attendance. The building which is being financed by an Amir from the United Arab Emirates at a cost of $600,000 will have 30 classrooms, 8 administrative rooms, drinking water facility, and 24 bathroom stalls. The school will also be provided with 400 tables and chairs.

Elsewhere, in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Kunar, a new two-story building for the Marawara district middle school was inaugurated recently. The building has a total of 12 rooms. A solar electricity system, a boundary wall, as well as a drinking water facility was also put in for the school. The construction project was funded by the Provincial Reconstruction Team a cost of $240,000. Moreover, the school will be provided with 300 tables and chairs.

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