ACCI: Afghanistan’s exports up 40%

Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) announced on their website today that the country’s exports have increased by 40%, compared to the same period last year. Last year, in the first quarter, the exports stood at $64 million, and this year, it’s at $100 million. The ACCI said that the increase has been due to the “reduction of natural plant diseases, favorable climate, increase in harvesting fruits, and better circumstances of trade transit with neighboring countries”. Most of Afghanistan’s exports are carpets, dried and fresh fruits, vegetables, chemical plants, animal products, cereal, and cotton. These are exported to such places as Pakistan, India, Central Asia countries, Iran, Russia, China, Europe, Canada, Australia and the Gulf Countries. Afghan officials are optimistic that the numbers will increase, especially with the increased use of the Chabahar port in Iran.

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