First Soy Milk Factory To Be Built In Afghanistan

Soy Milk

The World Food Programme (WFP) reported today that the government of South Korea will contribute $12 million to the organization so that the first soy milk factory can be built in Afghanistan. WFP will work with an organization called Nutrition Education International (NEI), a non-governmental organization (NGO), to build the factory in Afghanistan’s northern province of Parwan.

The factory will produce protein-rich, sterilized soy milk from soybeans to help reduce malnutrition in the country. The WFP report added that the “residual soybean pulp from the milk-making process will be turned into chicken feed. This feed will be provided to vulnerable local women to encourage them to raise poultry to generate income”.

Cha Youngcheol, the Korean ambassador to Afghanistan said that “the Korean Government hopes the soy milk factory and chicken feed project contribute to Afghanistan’s reconstruction by supporting farmers and women to become more productive and by improving the nutrition of the Afghan people.” The factory is expected to be operational in 12 months.

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