More trees and less plastic bags

Various pollution reduction campaigns and initiatives are currently in process in order to improve the environmental conditions in Afghanistan.

For example, a tree plantation drive is currently in process in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul. According to a report yesterday (February 25, 2015) from the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), a campaign is underway to plant one million saplings in Kabul. Kazem Humayun, an official from Afghanistan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stressed the need for greater participation from every day citizens in the success of these sort of campaigns.

Also, according a to report yesterday from the Afghanistan Times, a two-week campaign has been launched by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags in the country.  According to the Afghanistan Times report, 500 billion plastic bags are used annually in Afghanistan, and they contribute to various types of pollution (air, water & soil). Eventually, this pollution leads to negative effects on people’s health. Ahmad Jan Naeem, the Deputy Minister of Public Health was quoted as saying: “Through this campaign our teams will try to create awareness in [the] public about [the] harms of using plastic and [the] pollution caused by it. The teams will also distribute reusable cloth bags to create [a] culture of using non plastic bags in the country. Citizens will also be told to dispose plastic-made items properly.”

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