First Afghan magazine to add Braille


In April, the Development and Ability Organization (DAO), formerly known as the Afghan Disabled Union, is planning on including Braille in the next edition of their magazine, called “Gadoon”. Braille is a form of writing and printing intended for blind people.В  Varied arrangements of raised dots represent letters and numbers, and they are identified by touch.

Gadoon magazine, which is distributed throughout Afghanistan, profiles the success of people with disabilities in order to encourage other Afghans that a disability does not need to stop them from being successful in in their lives. Gadoon magazine was started in 2006 by DAO and is published bimonthly.В  The head of DAO is Haji Omara Khan Muneeb.В  For more info about this organization, check out their website at:

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  1. Ahmad Jan, Mazari - April 12, 2010

    We really appreciate this kind of activities to take place in Afghanistan.

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