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Afghan Police Force Development

There have been major developments in the training and development of Afghanistan’s police force. Today, in a ceremony at its headquarters, Afghanistan’s Minister of Interior, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, who is responsible for the Afghan police, announced the centralization and standardization of the Afghan National Police recruiting system. According to the Afghan and foreign officials who […]

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Masjid Restoration at Bagram Airfield

The video story below is about a masjid (mosque) at Bagram Airfield being restored and used by the Muslims working there.

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Poppies replaced with pistachio trees

In an effort to eliminate Afghanistan’s dependence on illegal opium farming, Afghan and foreign reconstruction teams from Spain have recently completed a year long project in Badghis province where the illicit crop was replaced with pistachio trees.  Qal`eh-ye Now is just one of many villages in Badghis province that has greatly benefited from this project. […]

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Kajaki Dam Renovation

According to local media, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Energy and Water has announced that the Kajaki Dam, located in the Kajaki district of the southern province of Helmand, will soon be renovated  in order to store more water and provide more energy. The renovation project will also provide 3000 job opportunities in Afghanistan. The Kajaki Dam […]

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Project helps to improve environmental conditions in Paktika

Paktika, which is located in south-eastern Afghanistan, is a province that has unfortunately been heavily deforested through out the years, and as a result, it’s people have suffered from devastating floods in recent years. The province was once a very fertile and arable land. Recently, in an effort to restore the environmental conditions in the […]

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Reforms increase state revenues in Afghanistan

As President Hamid Karzai wraps up his trip to China after securing deals to further economic ties between China and Afghanistan, the Finance Ministry of Afghanistan, headed by Omar Zakhilwal, announced today that the state’s budget revenues rose by 45% last year.  Domestic revenues grew from $400 million in 2008-2009 to about $600 million in […]

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New Afghan lead project helping to provide power for local Afghans in Farah Province

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Afghanistan shows further commitment to major international environmental issues – joins the fight against harmful chemicals

In an effort to show Afghanistan’s commitment to major international environmental issues, senior Afghan officials met with officials from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in Thailand today in order to sign an agreement to work together in the fight against the illegal trade in banned chemicals. Scientists say these chemicals harm the ozone layer and […]

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First Afghan magazine to add Braille

In April, the Development and Ability Organization (DAO), formerly known as the Afghan Disabled Union, is planning on including Braille in the next edition of their magazine, called “Gadoon”. Braille is a form of writing and printing intended for blind people.  Varied arrangements of raised dots represent letters and numbers, and they are identified by […]

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New maternity hospital to be built in Gardez

In an effort to reduce mother and child mortality rates, a new maternity hospital is being built in Gardez, which is in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Paktia. A maternity hospital specializes in providing care for women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as care for newborn infants. The US based Bayat Foundation, which is funding […]

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Happy New Year! (Nowroz Mubarak)

The staff of would like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year! Dear non-Afghan readers, Today, marks the beginning of the new year, 1389, and the first day of spring in Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikstan. In Farsi, it is referred to as “Nowroz”. The holiday is also celebrated in some Central […]

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New Hospital and School Opened in Herat Province

Yesterday, in the Gazar Gah district of Afghanistan’s western province of Herat, Afghan and foreign officials opened the doors to a new hospital. A press release sent to stated that the hospital is “composed of a large main entry area which also serves as a waiting room, a wing for women and children, and […]

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