Project helps to improve environmental conditions in Paktika

Paktika Province

Paktika Province

Paktika, which is located in south-eastern Afghanistan, is a province that has unfortunately been heavily deforested through out the years, and as a result, it’s people have suffered from devastating floods in recent years. The province was once a very fertile and arable land. Recently, in an effort to restore the environmental conditions in the province, tree saplings (young trees) were distributed by the government to land owners though out the province. The farmers were also taught how to properly plant and nurture the trees, and how to properly draw the seeds from its future fruits in order to plant and grow additional trees. This project improves the soil by preventing erosion, and gives the locals a chance to produce their own food.

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  1. john - May 14, 2010

    we did the same in western canada through the Prarie Farm Rehabilitation Administration with great success.they may have some idea’s to help

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