Poppies replaced with pistachio trees

Qal`eh-ye Now, Badghis

Qal`eh-ye Now, Badghis

In an effort to eliminate Afghanistan’s dependence on illegal opium farming, Afghan and foreign reconstruction teams from Spain have recently completed a year long project in Badghis province where the illicit crop was replaced with pistachio trees.В  Qal`eh-ye Now is just one of many villages in Badghis province that has greatly benefited from this project. Badghis province is located in north western Afghanistan.В  The pistachio trees provide the Afghan farmers with a profitable alternative to opium poppies which are converted into illegal drugs and distributed through out the world.В  The Spanish reconstruction team also provided the local communities with education and advice on seeding and fertilizing techniques in order to ensure adequate tree growth.

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  1. Amber Harty - April 25, 2010

    I love pistachios! Hope the farmers are making better money with this crop, from what I research looks like the farmers are often not the people making the money from the illicit crops.

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