Plan to bring thousands of trees to Panjshir province

Panjshir Gov. Keramuddin Keram

An American led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) met with Panjshir Governor Keramuddin Keram earlier this month to present a large-scale reforestation project in the north eastern province of Panjshir. The goal is to have as many as 35,000 new trees in the province before the end of this year.

The province will benefit immensely from project, as the loss of trees due to war have caused soil erosion, landslides and destabilization of the sides of the valley. The tree planting project will help to stabilize the soil. The PRT team said that the project involves planting 5,000 seedlings in each of the six districts and one municipality. According to the PRT team, each district will have two belts of 2,500 trees.

New watering methods will also be introduced as part of the project, such as the use of Eco Bags. Each bag holds about a months worth of water and it slowly drips where trees need it. It eliminates the need to water using inefficient traditional methods.

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