Major increase in the harvesting of pistachio crops

Afghan media recently reported that compared to last year, there has been a major increase in the harvesting of pistachio crops in northern Afghanistan.  Afghanistan’s Tolo news reported that there was an increase of 98 percent in the northern province of Samangan. The province of Samangan is second only to the northwestern province of Badghis in terms of pistachio production.  The large yield was attributed to good weather, and better cooperation between the locals and security forces.

According to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, there are more than 900 million square meters of land covered in pistachio trees through out 11 difference provinces.  Under the right conditions, Afghanistan produces hundreds of tons of pistachios every year. If managed properly, it can become a great source of income for the people and the government. 

In order to really benefit from the high yields, the next step is to establish pistachio processing factories inside Afghanistan. Government officials have already said that they are making efforts to attract investors so this can happen.

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