Afghan National Army Gets 29 More Female Officers

Women from the first graduating class of the Afghan National Army Female Officer Candidate School. Photo by Laura R. McFarlane.

Yesterday, a graduation ceremony was held for 29 Afghan women who completed advanced training, and are now 2nd lieutenants in the Afghan National Army. There are already close to 300 women in the Afghan Army, however, these women are the first to have graduated from a formalized training program. The women learned basic military skills, leadership, and they trained to become finance and logistics officers.

This is a big step for Afghan women, because during the Taliban rule, they weren’t allowed to leave the house without a male escort and couldn’t even go to school. “I always wanted to join the military,” said Afghan 2nd Lt. Habiba. “After the Taliban left I wanted to join. I want to serve more for my people and my country.”

“I am very happy today that we have 29 girls graduating” said Afghan Maj. Fahima, one of the female instructors. “I hope that these girls who have graduated from here do not forget their lessons and show for the people that Afghan girls can serve in military.”

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