New clinic buildings inaugurated; maternal mortality rates drop; health ministry to receive $4.35 million

Three new single-story health clinic buildings were inaugurated today in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Afghanistan’s northern province of Balkh. The new buildings are located in the Kart-e-Noor Khuda, Kart-e-Shad, and Ali Chopan areas of the city. The cost of the construction project which was $450,000 was provided by the Indian government.В  India’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Gautam Mukhopadhaya was present in the inauguration ceremony.

Also today, Dr. Suraya Dalil, Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Public Health (MoPH) told reporters in Kabul that maternal mortality rates have dropped in Afghanistan. She said that maternal mortality rates per 100,000 live births has decreased from 1,600 in 2002 to 1,400 in 2010. Also, mortality rate for newborns dropped from 165 per 1,000 newborns in 2002 to 111 in 2008, and the under-five mortality rate dropped from 257 in 2002 to 161 in 2008. Dr. Dalil said that more access to vaccinations and expansion of Afghanistan’s health facilities were the factors behind the decrease.

Yesterday, Dr. Dalil said that the government of Italy will provide the ministry with $4.35 million in assistance. She said that the money will go towards improving the hospitals in Afghanistan, new equipment and vehicles such as ambulances will be purchased, more training will be provided to Afghan health workers and that some clinics will be renovated.

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