Afghanistan to receive grant to boost electricity production

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance announced this weekend that an agreement has been signed where the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will grant Afghanistan with $75.4 million. The money is going to be used to boost electricity production so that more than 50,000 residents of Gerishk district in Helmand province will have electricity.

According to Afghan media reports, 30 kilometers of electric lines will be replaced, and electricity distribution, and measurement systems will be installed. The work will be done by the Afghan Breshna Corporation, which operates and manages electric power generation, import, transmission, and distribution throughout Afghanistan on a commercial basis. The work is expected to be completed in two years.

This project will not only make life much easier for the residents of this Helmandi district, but it will also create hundreds of jobs, said Omar Zakhilwal, Afghanistan’s Minister of Finance.

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  1. James Jones - January 22, 2012

    G’Day! Goodafghannews,
    Along the same lines,, During the past five years, the United States and many other donor nations pledged billions of dollars to Afghanistan, yet Afghans keep asking: “Where did the money go?” American taxpayers should be asking the same question. Last year, for example, when the president sent his wife to Kabul for the New York Times,they reported that her mission was “to promise long-term commitment from the United States to education for women and children.” she pledged that the United States would give an additional $17.7 million to support education in Afghanistan. But that grant had been announced before; and it was not for Afghan education (or women and children) at all but for a new private, for-profit American University of Afghanistan. (How a private university comes to be supported by public tax dollars and the Army Corps of Engineers is another peculiarity of Bush aid.)
    “You cannot support private education and ignore public education.”
    The question IS:
    Where do you think all this money is?

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